I confirm that I am the account holder, at least 21 years old, a resident of and currently located in New York State. I acknowledge that if I wager in violation of this, the account will be closed and I may be subject to civil and criminal penalties.

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Players Club Program Summary

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You must enroll in the Players Club to receive rewards.

If you have never had a Nassau OTB wagering Account, Click here to open a Players Club account online,


Click here for The Players Club application to open a Players Club account in person or by mail.

Applications for the Players Club are also available at:

  • Race Palace
  • Nassau OTB branches
  • Customer Service at 516-572-2800 ext 178 or 179
  • E-mail [email protected]

Applications are accepted:

  • by mail and in person at:
      Customer Service
      Nassau OTB
      139 Liberty Ave
      Mineola, NY 11501
  • The Race Palace
  • Nassau OTB branches

Please include a copy of your driver's license.

You will be issued a Players Club card that can be used as a wagering account and rewards card.

If you already have a Nassau OTB wagering account, your current wagering account will be closed and any balance will be transferred to your new Players Club account.

Players Club Levels

Players Club members earn rewards by wagering a minimum of $2,000 a month. At the beginning of every calendar month members are assigned to a Players Club level based on their previous month's play. Your Players Club level determines the rewards you earn per dollar wagered for the following calendar month. Levels are based on the dollar value of all wagers tracked by the system for the previous month, including wagers on tracks not otherwise participating in the Players Club.

The first calendar month you are a member of the Players Club is an evaluation period. You will not begin to earn reward points until you are assigned to a Players Club level at the beginning of the next calendar month.

Player Club Reward Points

Players Club reward points can be earned for wagers:

  • On participating tracks.
  • Placed via any wagering device including cashier, telephone operator, and self-service Bet Jet, STAN, Tiny Tim, IPT, BetNowNY.com and Touch Tone.
  • As per the Players Club Level and Points schedule.

A list of participating tracks is available at all Nassau OTB locations and BetNowNY.com.

Points are not earned for wagers that are cancelled, refunded or result in a pari-mutuel price of $2.10 based (or $2.20 where applicable, currently Arkansas, Iowa, Massachusetts and West Virginia) on $2.00 wager.

Account and Ticket Wagers

Players Club rewards can be earned on both account and ticket wagers.

Players Club account wagers automatically earn points.

To earn points for ticket wagers you must insert your Players Club card into the cashier or self-service terminal before you begin. The terminal displays the Players Club account number if it has successfully read the card. All wagers entered after the card is read and before the Total key is entered, will be tracked by the system.

When a Players Club card is inserted in a self-service Bet Jet or Stan terminal, the terminal will display a message asking if you wish to make account or ticket wagers: "Player Card is linked to a Permanent Account. Proceed to AW menu?" If you want to account wager, touch the "Account Wager" or "Yes" button. If you want to place ticket wagers, touch the "Cash Wagers" or "No" button.

Reward Redemption

Players Club points are credited to your Players Club account shortly after the pool is official.

Players Club points can be redeemed for cash deposited to your wagering account. Cash redemptions are available in one dollar increments, at a rate of 100 points per dollar. Cash redemptions can be requested:

  • in person at the Race Palace and Customer Service
  • by providing your account number and the number of points to redeem:
    • Call Customer Service at 516-572-2800 ext 178 or 179
    • E-mail [email protected]
    • Redemption requests received by phone or e-mail will be deposited no later than the next business day

Points can also be redeemed in person at the Race Palace for:

  • Race Palace admissions
  • Race Palace carrels
  • Racing Publications


Call Customer Service at 516-572-2800 ext 178 or 179.
E-mail [email protected]
Visit The Race Palace or Nassau OTB branches.